Buzzfeed Buzzfeed came to us to help outfit one of their newer Hollywood offices with plants.  They had just moved into the building and since most floors were filled with desks, they really wanted to liven up the space.  As a company that has made content cool again, their branding is at the top of the game featuring multiple personalized logos, including the Buzzfeed “Up” Arrow and a running Corgi. We really wanted to incorporate the logos into the pots and adhere to their fun, bold aesthetic. We brought an assortment of indoor plants to go with our painted pots, as well as some sourced glazed and matte colored pots. We decided to place the custom logo pots in high traffic areas so we focused on the lobby, conference room, and common work areas. They also had a few outdoor planters which had been sitting bare for a while so we spruced them up with bright, colorful drought tolerant plants.