Skurt Skurt is a new startup app which delivers rental cars to you on-demand with the touch of a button. They recently moved into a new office space in Culver City and decided they needed plant vibes. With a spacious warehouse as their office, we had a lot of room to pack it with plant décor.  We brought in an assortment of our hand painted pots as well as some sourced glazed and matte options. For the plants, we wanted to take advantage of the walls and high ceilings, so we chose extra tall species such as Bird of Paradise, Columnar Fiddleleaf Figs and Dracaenas mixed amongst various medium and smaller plants. They envisioned a jungle vibe, with a lot of leafy and bushy plants, and plants in almost everyone corner and space of the warehouse. All in all, we did about seventy-five plants and pots for them! Like we like to say, we bring the jungle!